"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness which created it." ~Albert Einstein

Jen Jones



Warmest welcome.

My name is Jennifer "Jen" Jones and I have created this website as a space to share of my story, adding to the many amazing testimonials that you will find all over the internet in regard to the Healing Journey.

 Have you ever found yourself thinking or shouting,  "Enough!"? Or, at a completely raw state of deep inquiry, seeking answers for the question, "what do I do now"?  Honestly, I do not know. Healing, is complex and messy, and at times, traumatic. (lol'ing through the truth of that.) But, the rewards sitting on the other side are, just, so beautiful. While healing is very personalto the individual, it is a commonality to explore.

Rock bottom desperation meet out-of-the-box thinking. 

Here, everyone is honored for where they have been and where they are going, regardless of their chosen path. I myself suffered for many years after a motor vehicle accident left me with several chronic pain conditions and primarily bedridden for the first 10 years. Feeling afraid, hopeless and unsure how to create a life without all of the pharmaceuticals and actively participating in life again, my journey with the tough questions began. Some alternative treatments were meh  for me. My journey continued until I experienced the benefits that Ayurveda had to offer me. So much so, that I returned to school to become a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner to help myself on a daily basis and share these opportunities of healing "tools" with others. It is a powerful and fascinating study.

My transformation is the testimony and I will forever be grateful. Additional Certifications include Holistic Nutrition, RYT-200hr-IYT, Reiki Master and Life Coaching. I chose to continue my education in fields that not only sparked a deep interest, but provided a positive experience that I could speak to. What I had also learned through these various studies, is their overlap in information. My way, was my chosen path, not step-by-step instructions for someone else to achieve duplicate results. However, the lessons are for everyone in any process, so  I offer my very best attempt at making the various information more fun. Follow along for books, games, activities and recipes to make lifestyle change more approachable, attainable and enjoyable. Empowerment through education and play.

We change the world by healing ourselves, then helping others discover their own power. Chronic pain and illness are heavy. Let's "treat" with the opposite and have some fun.