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May you find YOUR inspiration to 'Never, never, never give up'!  ~Winston Churchill

Jen Jones


About ' Jen Jones'...


2014, a post workout 'selfie' at 137 pounds.

This is me, taken a few

years after the accident

circa 2000,

at 314 pounds.

(150 pound gain)

Who is Jen Jones?

Jen the 'Doing'...My heart is guided to work with others.  Pre-accident, I was a volunteer EMT in NJ for 6 years, tough job but I felt fortunate to have an ability to comfort those facing many frightening unknowns and tragedy. (Who knew the day I had finished riding was my last because i myself would become the 'call'.) Always dedicating tie each month (or week) to volunteering, I spent much time in Pediatrics at the Child Life Center, in Geriatrics, Girl Scouts, Special Olympics and many events at local schools.

Teaching...I also had the great pleasure of teaching Developmentally Disabled Adults at a very unique Adult Life Skills Program which we were all so very proud of. Had the state's budget cuts not closed this school, I and many others, would still be there. So much fun and love.

Education...With an Associates Degree in Psychology, formalized education for my Bachelors Degree in Biology at Rutgers University and Paramedic School at UMDNJ was disrupted and the dream cut short, by the accident.  It's okay as obviously, it wasn't meant to be!  My education took a different route for which I have gratitude. It gave me a good foundation of which I aproached Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition and Energy Work.

Jen the 'Being'...is creative, energetic, funny (as I am told), silly, adventurous, serious, focused, driven, determined, (at times, stubborn), loving, kind, inventive,  dedicated, open minded, freethinking, curious, smiley, a protector and defender of the underdog, social yet introverted, a sponge for knowledge and quite compassionate.

Creative Endeavors...To me, challenges are opportunities for out-of-the-box creative problem solving. Holding many copyrights, I utilize every moment of being alive to create useful and meaningful products. Will they bring world peace? Sorry, no. BUT, might they have purpose, bring mental peace or joy? Yes!  As prototypes are manufactured, they will be posted on my online store. Right now, I'm working on a cookbook. However, the Dosha Dial (TM) Workbook, Module 1 is now available at DoshaDial.com. (A beginners companion workbook to Ayurvedic studies.)

Philsopohy and Mission...My trips to Hell have accumulated frequent flier mileage. Been there, many t-shirts. And, I know that I am not alone. I never asked 'why me' because it's always been, 'why any of us'? Life is hard enough, so, why are we bent, broken and beaten? Some philosophies state it's so that we may learn of our true strength, gain wisdom and grow. Facing much adversity, I have found this to be true. I'm learning all I can, to share and help others find their way, as the teachers and guides sent to me, did.

Do "you", but come and play...The practices discussed are my chosen lifestyle out of necessity to survive, I still have pain. However, my life today exceeds every Doctor's prognosis and my greatest desires. However, my life today exceeds every Doctor's prognosis and my greatest desires! I do not have all of the answers, nor encourage anyone to follow in my footsteps.The bliss comes in discovering your own path. A gift, To: You, From, You. Here, discover which tools might help you find those answers.

Hope to see you at a class or speaking engagement, come say hello. If you are not interested in alternative medicine, that's okay too. At minimum, you'll still walk away with tips, techniques and tools to use and I believe, be entertained for an hour with a great story!