Lemon Ginger Tulsi Tea

  There are a few variations to this tea but really, you can't go

  wrong with

  *a big pot of cold water (filtered preferred, 4-6 cups, it's up to you)

  *a few thin slices of fresh ginger, chopped into smaller pieces

    but to your taste. 1/2" X 1" slice to start your recipe.

  *fresh squeezed lemon to taste (add a slice while cooking too)

  ~Bringing all of these ingredients to a boil over medium heat,

    turn the burner to low and add *fresh or dried Tulsi, Holy Basil

    (stems with flowers & leaves if possible) and let steep for 10 minutes.

  *May also add a Cinnamon Stick or powdered Cinnamon, an 

    'Organic India' Lemon Ginger or Ginger Turmeric teabag during

    this steep. With everything else, you only need 1. Strain into cup.

 ~Once tea has cooled to comfortably stick pinky finger in tea, 

   you may add some raw organic honey or other natural sweetener but,

   not too much, Tulsi is actually tastes sweet!   ENJOY


For             Fun.

Tree Pose in a Tree. Because it's fun.

And, because I can again.



RSD Fire Angel Pendant

Carnelian signifying fire, representing movement. Copper & Abalone Shell

representing a cooling and water.

Fire charm in the center. <3


  Alabaster Carving

There are so many reasons as to why I love carving alabaster.

1) It's good therapy for my hands, holding the stone plus sanding,  I have to be careful to not over do it.

2) It is so meditative. Sitting with the stone, it is easy to get lost discovering the beauty hidden beneath the rough layers.

3) Rocks are awesome. Alabaster is a sedimentary rock, formed from the salts in lake beds, it is actually dehydrated water. It's a rock, it's a fossil, some are even a crystal! Since it is a (soft) 1.5-2 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, a fingernail can scratch it and sand paper can make it gorgeous! Fun, distracting project anyone?


 Hologram of a Kosha Theory

  (c) 2012

Macronutrient Venn Diagram


Many cartoons have been drawn over the years, depicting various concepts as a means to opening doors of communication. Poignant. Also interesting to see how 1 image can be perceived in so many different ways. 

'The Cost of a Happy Meal'


created, 2014

   YouTube Video

Jen Jones

"Proving the Multiverse Theory Exists

Within our Current Reality. "

           A Life Coaching tool, not scientific discovery.