'Success is my only option, failure's not.' ~Lyrics, Eminem

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Candid and real with a sense of humor. While there is nothing funny about chronic pain or illness, I am here to share with you in a humorous way, the information uncovered on my healing journey and how challenges were navigated around. While my experiences include a weight loss of 177 pounds, removing pharmaceuticals (including narcotics), walking independently after 10 years, handling depression and blood chemistry improvement (Triglycerides down 1400 points, Cholesterol down 30 points & Glucose down 60 points), I speak from many levels of relatable suffering. Emotional topics for many. That's why my approach is light-hearted and fun; there are enough tears shed due to pain or mourning the loss of a life we 'planned'. So we'll discuss ways to make a new plan. If you feel like you are at the end of your rope, I understand, tie a knot and hold on. I am not here offering cures, only to share what years of research, education and personal experiences from practical application have yielded. Listening to the types of questions, engagements are tailored to the groups interests. My philosophy is, "It's not about what I know, it's about what YOU want to know." We each have our own path as to what feels right or what may work. Some of what I share, may be beyond one's comfort zone. Trust the process.<smiles> "Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward  and uncomfortable when trying something new." ~Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker. 

As a 'patient', my personal practice is of Integrative Medicine. As a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, I have great respect and gratitude for my 'team' of treating Western Medicine specialists; as they respect that I choose yoga, herbs, healing foods and meditation over pharmaceuticals (unless absolutely necessary).   

~~Some venues may allow for healthy delicious treats, tea and hands-on samples too.~~


We all know that the way to a healthier mind, body and spirit requires proper nutrition i.e.-fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds and for some, that includes meat too. Depending on one's dietary restrictions due to food allergies, medical needs, desire for weight loss or wanting to 'feel' better, this class is a must! While I was following an Ayurvedic protocol (80%) and gluten free, it wasn't until I was diagnosed with SIBO that the challenge was stepped up as restrictions became more stringent. But it's all good, new challenge to rise above!

Here, we not only discuss the healing properties of food; which ingredients to eat or avoid and why, but, we also eat! 'Healthy' can be 'rabbit food', but I prefer not. I want flavor, textures and familiarity to comfort foods, as I would believe you do too. Yes, organic can be expensive. So how to apply Holistic Nutrition knowledge to create savory delicious meals while watching a budget? I'll show you how, as this is how I live. #EatToLive #LoveToEat  I write this because at 314 pounds, I HATED food. Now....it's love!

[With the exception of the organic blue corn chips and sugar free dark chocolate chips used in 2 of these photos, these recipes are sugar free and made from scratch.]

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