Jen Jones


From Leslie A.-  Knowing Jennifer has changed my life. She is a brave, strong, beautiful woman that does not back down from any situation presented to her. Her own personal challenges have taught her strength; gratitude, empathy and how to change perspectives (turn lemons into lemonade). She has taken her challenges, applied her teaching skills, and has chosen to share what she has learned about survival physically and emotionally. When I first met Jen, I was going through heartbreak over a lost love; I was an emotional mess. I could not stop crying and could not figure out why I was constantly in bad relationships. Jen and I spoke for some time and because of her unique way of listening, understanding and teaching I walked away feeling: 1) grateful for the lessons learned from this lost relationship 2) strength because she opened my mind and how I thought about myself and 3) lifted because of a new knowledge of spirituality. With that being said, over the years I have known Jen she has taught me so much more about health (emotional and physical) life, love, spirituality and death. Jen is an extraordinary bright soul - I will be forever grateful for the tremendous positive impact she has had on my life.