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Feb 1, 8, 15 & 22   4 Week Course, 3-5 pm

Location: NM Spirit of Wellness, 123 Girard Blvd, SE Abq

Dosha Dial (TM) Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course

Ayurveda is an ancient Eastern Indian Holistic Health System and many of the terms and ideas used are in its original language of Sanskrit.  In this class, we will use the Dosha Dial (TM) Workbook (Written and Designed by Jen Jones (c) 2019) to explore many of the basic concepts in Technicolor. Layering these terms with a color-coded system, a student only need to understand the colors to follow the threads and understand what it represents. This Workbook and Program was created to help make Lifestyle Change a bit less daunting and turn challenges to choices of opportunity.

The Intention of this class:

Is for the student to complete this course with a basic understanding of  how Ayurveda may benefit their health, to add "tools" to their healing toolbox and empower the student by offering a lot of ancient wisdom, applicable in today's fast paced life. Another intention is for the student to reveal a deeper layer of themselves in a relaxed and fun environment.

Class Includes:

Content:  We approach this study just as everyone does, discussing the History of Ayurveda and how everything in our Universe is connected, beginning with the elements. However, this class is a little different in that, starting with the Elements and moving forward, every topic covered in the Workbook is a color-coded visual aid. "Seeing" how the Elements come together to form the 3 Constitutions, and the 6 Tastes, we will explore their qualities to better understand each Constitution's attributes, strengths and weaknesses. From there, discussing to understand, which foods to favor or avoid and how to parlay this information to meal planning, writing a grocery list or how to make good choices when eating out, without stressing out. Other topics also covered, digestion, poor food combining and more.

Food:  Two classes will involve food.  There will be a hands-on sampling of foods and spices so, please be sure to note if you have food allergies or sensitivities when you reserve your seat.( I take food allergies/sensitivities very seriously and will do my best to accommodate.) The 2nd class, we explore the tastes through sampling snacks, and the 4th class we bring all of the knowledge together and make a simple snack/meal as a group. Yum!  

Activities: There are many! Do you know how to measure your individual stomach size? We'll do an exercise in class to find out. There are also games and several other hands-on activities including a few basic yoga stretches, breathing exercises and a hands-on self foot massage. This is a participant class, for sure.

Students Receive:

Students will be provided with an in-class copy of the Dosha Dial(TM) Workbook for classroom use. Personal copies are available for purchase but not necessary to participate. 

Students will also be provided with a folder and handouts that align with the workbook.

Students will also receive homework. Assignments are not difficult, but reinforce lessons in a fun and applicable way to your personal life. Each week following, we will discuss the successes and difficulties to improve and build on, for the next lesson.

*Making self-care approachable, interesting, applicable and fun.*

I look forward to seeing you there and Thank You for allowing me to join you on your journey!

Course Investment:

4 week class, $200 per person. $40 per 2 hour class + $10 for materials, each week. (Plus, NM Tax for class time only.) 

Please click link below to pay via Paypal.

To pay by check or cash, contact Jen at either (505)226-4105 or send an email through the contact page.    

Registered students interested in purchasing a copy of the Dosha Dial (TM) Workbook, will receive a 20% discount.

This discount is for registered students only. To learn more, go to DoshaDial.com


June 2020

Central & South Jersey.Locations for private Workshops.

Jen Jones

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